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Huaxing Group "intelligent guide and support lean strategy project started swearing

Release time:2017/05/08 Source: Huaxing Group Pv:

December 1, 2016, Huaxing Group "intelligent guide and support lean" strategic projects pledging conference held in the science and Technology Museum Hayes moore. Huaxing Group of the senior, abrain Group Chairman Wang Hongyan, Huizhi Ruida deputy general manager Cui Qiang, technical director Wang Ping and other 6 core members, the new appointment of all the middle-level management personnel and grass-roots staff representatives a total of more than 300 people attended the meeting. Chairman Hu Guangmin made an important speech, deputy secretary of the Party committee chaired the meeting of Zhang Mingyong.



The first meeting by the chairman Hu Guangmin for the new appointment of middle-level cadres presented letters of appointment, all the middle-level cadres of the solemn entry ceremony, every sentence expresses the sonorous oath to start a new session of the middle management duties, is a solemn commitment to the company to.


The meeting focused on the "intelligent guide and support lean strategy project started swearing, members of the project three class organization chairman Hu Guangmin accept the flag and collective oath; to promote the implementation of full-time group and the group on behalf of a position statement.


A.BRAIN Group Chairman Ms. Wang Hongyan spoke at the meeting, the staff should establish the incentive Huaxing lean management, intelligent manufacturing really believe, really dry, really adhere to the principle of motivation to lead the industry trust with their own hands to hold back Chinese national manufacturing industry responsibility.



Huaxing Group Chairman Hu Guangmin pointed out in his speech, the meeting is the history of the development of China has milepost sense is an important meeting, do solemnly swear to Huaxing Group intelligent guide, dare to subvert innovation, highlighting the Huaxing Group into a firm belief in the intelligent manufacturing, is the embodiment of the senior managers of enterprises. Under the agreement, the improvement of positive atmosphere, establish the enterprise staff's confidence and determination to do the industry benchmark. Stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees to be loyal to the company, to their own work, improve staff morale and awareness. With this conference as an opportunity, so that the concept of intelligent manufacturing, lean management to implement every employee of the enterprise.


Huaxing Group with intelligent spinning as the foundation, launched the "intelligent guide and support lean strategy project will become a powerful lever for Chinese subversion of traditional textile industry, textile industry, labor intensive to change the traditional image, promote the company to network, information technology, intelligent transformation, and pointed out the direction for the future development of China. The Huaxing Group Transformation and upgrading, the two venture into a new stage, a new journey.

Meeting in the plenary meeting of the party members to improve the sound of the sound of the ten principles ended.