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Huaxing Group to celebrate the establishment of the groups 30th anniversary employees basketball match

Release time:2017/05/22 Source: Huaxing Group Pv:

In order to celebrate the establishment of Huaxing Group, 30th anniversary, and to activate the festival atmosphere of the May Day, and to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workers, the group held a celebration of Huaxing Group's 30th anniversary employees' basketball competition on April 25th - 27. After intense competition, the first basketball team was the executive team, second were the team of Hayes Moore, and the third was the representative of the intelligent spinning company. Three, spinning workshop won excellent organization award.






The competition was well organized and brilliant, demonstrating the good spirit of Huaxing and the spirit of "unity, hard work, innovation and progress, dedication and courage to win the first class". The contest has enriched the cultural life of the majority of employees, on the other hand to further enhance the employee's physical quality, arouse their hard work, positive work enthusiasm, be enthusiastic and press on. The staff said they want to play courageously fighting spirit to the work, with a strong physique and working enthusiasm, improve production and work, set up 30th anniversary gift to Huaxing performance, excellent good spirit to!           (Huaxing Group;   Yuan Wei)